Join us for Church in the Park:

We believe that God is beginning a work of revival here in North Carolina. Simply stated, we desire to be a part of what He is doing. On September 24th, we will be gathering at King Central Park for an evening of worship and evangelism. With our home church, Grace Baptist Tabernacle, we will gather to honor His Word and magnify His name. We do this believing that, as we lift Him up, He will draw men to Himself. We invite you to come and join us, truly believing that everyone who comes will have their lives touched by the Almighty God. Don't miss out on what God wants to do in your life.


At The Threshold is a band formed to unashamedly and boldly testify of our Savior. To plunder hell and populate heaven. To glorify the Lord through music. As the Lord teaches us to worship Him more and more, we are constantly reminded of our need to pursue Him and our need to point others toward Him.


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