Each member of At The Threshold has a very personal story about how Jesus has brought them through each of their difficulties. They take advantage of every opportunity to tell their testimonies both through their music and through personal sharing. "Even though each member of At The Threshold has had a life altering interaction with Jesus, we believe that our worship needs to express the Bible first and our experiences second. Hebrews 12:2 tells us that Jesus is the Author and the Finisher of our faith. Our goal is not just to share our faith, but share the Author of our faith as well. He is the one that changed our lives and He is the only one that can change the lives of others. Because of our personal experiences, we are passionate about who Jesus is and look forward to seeing Him change those we come in contact with. We are privileged to share His word through music." 

In 2011, the members of At The Threshold moved to Winston Salem, NC to follow the Lord's calling to be a part of planting a church, Grace Baptist Tabernacle (
www.gbtministries.com). There, they lead worship and are actively involved in outreach and building the ministry.

After a successful release of their debut self-titled album in early 2014, At The Threshold spent 2014 playing in venues and churches in North Carolina before returning to the studio to complete their second release, a Christmas EP titled 'The Consolation.' With almost 100 unrecorded songs, At The Threshold recently announced an ongoing project to release one song per month in EPs like The Alabaster Songs, Songs of Redemption, Songs of Hope, and Songs of Praise. Above all else, the heart of At The Threshold is for their music to glorify God and to spread the true Gospel.